Why smartphone battery drain so fast



An overview about batteries

You may be the one of many who faces the same problem every day, poor battery back up! Yes, it is still one of the major problems of many, while technology is growing each day, our phone batteries are not changing thus even the latest flagship phone to provide better battery back up its common for most manufacturers regardless of platform. In this article, we are trying to answer your question why smartphone battery drains so fast. And we would also like to give you some recommendations and tips to extend your phones battery life further

A look-back

Years ago, we used phones with limited features, such as calls and texts during those days there was no camera, no music players, no internet well the list is endless and those phones provided better battery backup. Now,  phones come with everything included, Camera, Music player, internet, Radio, better, bigger display, well it can actually do most things a PC can do and sometimes it can do things your PC can not. Thus for many Smartphone is a good alternative for their PC. Everything in a phone is getting better while battery life is going down. Interesting eh?

Batteries are not changing

Yes they are not changing, Technologies used in Smartphone batteries haven’t changed over these years, They use Same lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries, while lithium polymer is comparatively new technology, it can’t make any revolutionary change in battery backup of Smartphone

Hardware plays an important role here, Most phones come with superior technology, such as faster processors with multi-cores, generous RAM, Better, bigger display and a GPU. All these things need the battery to work and as efficiency increases, they consume more battery juice, a 4K display consumes more power than a Full HD display same goes with the number of cores in the processor. As I have mentioned earlier. An abundance of RAM can also be a reason, More RAM means the phone actually can run more apps in the background which sucks out battery this is this is apparent when it comes to Android, while iOS can manage background processes better than Android.

Manufacturers’ dilemmadead-battery

Manufacturers also decrease the size of battery for various reasons. Either to make their phone slimmer or lighter they have to compromise with the battery as well. People do not like thick and heavy phone thus they are forced to make thin, light phones and solution is to, make battery smaller by reducing its capacity. Some manufacturers make Smartphone with bigger battery to give better back up, again these phones are often heavy; good for people who don’t mind extra weight

How to extend battery life?

Well, to be honest, there is nothing much to do. Consider using a trusted third party battery saver apps but be discreet most battery saver apps actually worsen your battery backup. Greenify is an excellent battery saver for Android. If your android has the latest version of Android, use Doze mode. For iOS and android, turning off sync will give few extra minutes


There are many research and experiments are being done about batteries and there are some good new coming out. Let us hope that those who are working on batteries will find something revolutionary which will charge our phone in minutes and last for months before needing another charge

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