Weight loss tips to lose weight faster

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Many of would like to lose some weight and would love to have a healthy lifestyle and better appearance. While eating good and regular exercise can help us to control and keep up a good weight, most of us can not do that due to various reasons such as busy schedule, hectic work, chores or simply, laziness.

How you gain weight?

Before getting started, we think that it is good to explain how you gain weight, of course, we would like to make it small and simple.

We get our energy from food and the energy is measured in calories. We need to take a certain amount of calories to do anything. Be it walking, working, sports etc.

So in case if we are taking more calories than we require, it will be converted to fat and also results in weight gain. There are many calories in carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

So in short, if we consume more calories than we need, it will result in weight gain.

Now here we are presenting you some ways to lose weight. Just wanted to tell you that, we don’t want you to starve yourself to lose weight so we are only sharing the healthiest tips.

Don’t skip your breakfast.

Breakfast is essential and they are considered the food for your brain. You should consider your breakfast within two hours after waking up. And it should also contain calories in your breakfast. Your breakfasts should contain proteins thus a protein enriched breakfast is considered.

Sleep well at night.


Getting a night of good sleep can be useful to lose weight. Even if it is not to lose weight, having a good night sleep is essential for your overall health.

Most of us struggle to get good sleeping although it is essential to have a good sleeping routine.

Avoiding your cell phone and your computer could help you to meet this. You can also consider reading before going to bed as it can help to get better sleep.

Drink much water.

I am sure that you know this already. You need to drink enough water. Drinking much water has many other effects as well. The recommended amount of water per day is 2 litres but you can drink more than that if you do not have any kidney related diseases.

Water has no calories in it which makes it a perfect weight loss drink thus it is recommended.

Eat on time

 Eating on time can help you to manage your weight. If you have an irregular diet, it is time to change it. Eating on time has more benefits than you imagine.

More vegetables.

vegetables  You should take more vegetables. As you might know, vegetables are essential for everyone. If you are someone who wants to lose weight, you should reduce your carbohydrate intake and increase vegetables. Yes, fewer carbs, more veggies!

Do workout.

Workouts can aid your weight loss efforts. We are not asking you to hit the gym harder but you can do simple exercises at home. You can try exercises such as squats and sit-ups. You can also consider doing push-ups.

Walking can also be beneficial walk the small distance on the first day and gradually increase the distance over time and it will aid your weight loss efforts.

Doing yoga can be extremely helpful to lose weight. Yoga has additional benefits and it will increase the overall quality of your life.

More protein and less fat

Take more protein. Protein is the building blocks of cells and it contains fewer calories. You can cut down your daily fat intake and increase your protein intake.

Fat contains more calories and it will cause weight gain. The protein contains fewer calories and it can be helpful for weight loss. Using whey protein will help you to get rid of stored fat and to grow lean muscles.

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