Top foods with high fiber content

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Here is a list of food with high fibre. But you might ask why fibre is needed in diet? Well, the answer is it’s essential. Fiber is of two types. Soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibre is helpful to lower cholesterol and maintains glucose level. Also, it makes stool heavy and dense so can pass stool easily and reduces chances of getting piles



Corn is considered as one of the healthiest food in the world. It is rich in fibre, along with fibre, corn also has other benefits too.  It’s a good source of calories and vitamins such as A, D, E. It also contains other minerals. Antioxidants present in corn acts as anti-carcinogens and hence can prevent cancer.



Cauliflower is another food which contains fibre in abundance. Cauliflower is full of vitamins and minerals. It is a good source of vitamin C, K and many other nutrients such as Magnesium phosphorous thiamine etc. Cauliflower can really boost your brain health with the presence of choline in it. It can also detoxify your body, promote health of your heart and also can make the digestion easier



Broccoli is known as one of the best food ever. It is heavy with fibre. It also has some other benefits like the ability to help you to reduce your cholesterol. It also can detoxify your body. So along with fibre content, it has many added benefits which make it the best food



Cabbage is another food which contains a high amount of fibre. The biggest advantage of cabbage is its low amount of calories hence it also helps in weight loss. It also contains vitamin K and anthocyanins which prevent nerve cell damage and hence can fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Other benefits of cabbage include detoxifying body and cancer prevention. These qualities make cabbage a perfect food


Spinach is another excellent source of fibre and it’s a must-have food which should be included in your diet. Apart from being a good source of fibre, it has many other advantages too. One of the biggest benefits of spinach is, its ability to control diabetes. The antioxidant alpha-lipoic acid which is present in spinach helps to reduce glucose level in blood. Chlorophyll present in spinach helps to reduce the risk of cancer. Beta-carotene present in spinach helps to prevent and reduce asthma.

So spinach makes an excellent food which has a high amount of fibre while it also helps you in many other ways. Which makes it a better choice of nutrients and



Celery is another great source of fibre. Like cabbage, celery contains very less amount of calories which is as low as 10calories per a large stalk. So adding celery to your diet helps you to manage your weight. Celery can also fight cancer and it’s also good for your eyes. which makes it a perfect food. Like many other vegetables, celery can also reduce your cholesterol level.

And here is the most attractive benefit. the pheromones androstenone and androstenol present in celery can actually boost your arousal levels hence can enhance your sexual life. One more reason to add celery to your diet eh?



Pears are another excellent source of fibre consuming pear with the skin can help you to gain more nutrients as there are much more nutrients, minerals and supplements are there in the skin. Along with supplying you with fibre, the pear can also help you in managing diabetics and will help you in fighting cancer.


Oatmeal contains very high amount of fibre. Not only fibre, it also contains protein and less amount of fat makes it a perfect breakfast. oatmeal also helps you to reduce the chances of getting diabetes and if you are already diabetic, oatmeal can help you to manage and control diabetes. It also helps you to prevent heart malfunction, fights cancer and enhances immunity

Flax Seed


Flax seed contains an abundance of soluble and insoluble fibre. It also has a high amount of Omega 3 fatty acid which makes it an all-rounder. Fiber present in flaxseed fixes bowel issues and omega 3 fatty acid prevent cardiovascular diseases. Flaxseed is also known for its ability to prevent cancer and asthma

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