Top food to boost your libido

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Food can boost your libido considerably, Seriously, they can. We have collected details of some superfoods that can help to boost your libido



Spinach tops on our list. Why ? because it is a proven libido booster. It also has a low level of fat which makes it a more favorable food. It contains Niacin, Zinc, Magnesium which will help to boost libido. It also contains good amount of fiber which will help to get rid of constipation





Along with boosting libido, Ginger also has other benefits as well. It is an excellent digestive. If you have a digestion problem, just eat a piece of ginger. Ginger is also useful for nausea. It’s proven that ginger can prevent cancer too. So, along with boosting libido, ginger has other properties as well, what else you need?


Dark Chocolate



Most people love chocolates! If you are the person who loves chocolate, don’t stop, feel free to eat more chocolate it is an excellent food which boosts your libido. Phenylethylamine present in dark chocolate which is also known as love chemical helps to boost libido.





Oyster ? yes! They release the hormone dopamine and also contains abundance of Zinc which is essential for the production of testosterone and production of sperm





Watermelon can solve erectile dysfunction say thanks to nitric oxide present in watermelon. Nitic oxide also relaxes blood vessels and increases blood circulation. It also contains Vitamin A,B,C and also good for re hydration. An added advantage is the lycopene present in watermelon. Which will help to reduce the risk of prostate cancer





Salmon contains an abundance of omega 3 fatty acid Omega 3 has many advantages and boosting libido is one of them. In-fact, any most fish contains omega3 fatty acid but its more abundant in small fish. So be careful to add more fish in your diet like Salmon, Tuna, Sardine etc

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