Terms Of Use

Terms of Use

Last modified 15/09/2016

Welcome to Arootha

By using our services you agrees to our terms. Please read them carefully. We provide various services to our readers. Use of our service is considered as acceptance of our terms.

Use of our service

Don’t misuse our services. You should use them according to the instructions provided. Use the services as permitted by law. Any violations of this may lead to legal actions. You are not supposed to copy/use/modify content from our websites without permission. Copyright violations may result in legal actions. The same will be applicable for intellectual properties also

Our services are also available on mobile devices. Make sure that use of our contents put your safety at risk. Do not use our services while driving or don’t use them while you are on road or in short, don’t use them in any situations which put you at risk. Safety should always be the first priority

Privacy and copyrighted material

Read our privacy policy to know how we treat your personal data and private information. By using our policies you agrees us to store cookies locally or on a remote server for more info see our cookie policy. We honor your privacy and our customers are our prime concern. We do not share your private information with any third party. We use them to only to provide better service to our customers. And if you have any questions regarding this feel free to contact us on contact@arootha.com

We also take appropriate actions if any copyright infringements are intended and we also comply with DMCA act and other various laws and acts in various countries when applicable.

We also share/pass all the information stored on our website/server to various law enforcement agencies if needed.

When submitted, uploaded, sent, we use your products or materials or intellectual property on our website. By doing so you are giving us the permission/licence to to use/modify and distribute your material on our website and to serve them globally. But the property will stay as yours.

Modifications on our terms

We do modify our terms occasionally so please check our terms of service often. We have all the rights to modify/add/remove our privacy policy. If you don’t agree with any of these terms please stop using our services. We don’t really wish to see you go if you have any disputes with our services, feel free to contact us at contact@arootha.com



We take at most care to provide you accurate and relevant information to our users however we don’t give any assurance about the accuracy of information or services provided here. Use them at your own risk.



Our liability is limited. We are not responsible for the loss, damages, loss of revenue or any outages by the use of our services. In all cases arootha or its partners, advertisers will not be liable for the loss caused by our website or anything from our website. Use our site for reference only. If you disagree with any of these terms, please stop using our services