Signs of excess testosterone in men

manSome men naturally get it. Some men don’t. Here are a few signs that you have an excess amount of testosterone in your body.


Aggression can be a sign of excess testosterone in your body. Some men exhibit really aggressive behaviour which can be due to T.

Hair all over

Do you have hair all over your body? It can be due to excess Testosterone in your body. People with more testosterone in their body can have more hair than others.


People with more testosterone would have increased production of sebum. The sebum produced will clog pores in the face and bacteria will accumulate there.

This could lead to the development of acne. Although, Acne can also occur due to other reasons.

High Libido

Some men have high libido or sex drive than others, this is due to the presence of more testosterone in their body. Those who have an excess of T in their body tend to be sexually active.

Hair loss

Some men tend to lose their hair and it can be due to excess testosterone in their body. However, for some men, it happens genetically too.

Deep voice

Presence of excess testosterone in the body gives a deeper voice for some men. Thus, men with a deeper voice could have more amount of T in their body.

More muscle/Weight

Some men naturally have more muscle mass compared to others. This is due to the presence of excess testosterone in their body. This is the reason some bodybuilders use testosterone shots and foods that promote testosterone production.


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