Oregano oil benefits


Most of us already heard about the oregano oil. But do we really know how beneficial is oregano oil? It is a natural medication with a variety of uses. Oregano oil is extracted from Oregano plant. We can say that it is an all one antibiotic due to its antibacterial and antiviral benefits. Here in this article we are listing benefits of oregano oil and how to use oregano oil and we are discussing the side effects of oregano oil


Oregano oil can reduce pain

It can actually act as a painkiller. Carvacrol present in oregano oil can act as a painkiller and may reduce pain.


It can fight cancer

Oregano oil can also help to fight cancer. Again, Carvacrol comes helpful here. Carvacrol has a cancer-fighting property. It promotes cell growth and kills cancer cells


Antibacterial and Antiviral properties

Oregano oil has anti bacterial and antiviral properties which can kill bacteria and virus. If you are suffering from a bacterial or viral infection, Oregano oil is helpful. In the same way, oregano oil can also fight against fungal infection. If you are having any fungal infection on your skin, simply apply oregano oil on your skin, but be careful, it can cause burns so dilute it with water or olive oil before application.

Can act as a digestive

If you are having some digestive issues, take dilute oregano oil. It has a property which promotes secretion of digestive enzymes.thus oregano oil can act as a digestive.


How to use Oregano oil

It can be used on skin but remember oregano oil is pretty strong. It needs to be diluted before using especially on skin. We recommend diluting it with olive oil before applying on your skin

Oregano oil can also be taken internally. Again, we recommend diluting before taking oregano oil internally or else it may damage internal membranes

Some recommend that keeping diluted oregano oil under the tongue can be helpful. Dilute oregano oil with olive oil and keep it under the tongue. And rinse it off after sometime

Oregano oil side effects

Although extremely beneficial, oregano oil can have some side effects too. Excessive amounts of oregano oil can damage your body. Thymol present in oregano oil could be toxic to the body if taken in higher amounts. So, always use it in small amounts

Can Cause issues with pregnancy

There are many things which should be avoided during pregnancy. Oregano oil is no exception. Pregnant women should not use oregano oil as it may harm the fetus.

Could cause allergy

Make sure that you are not allergic to oregano plant or oil before using it. Oregano can cause allergic response in many individuals and will show many symptoms such as skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, swelling etc

Wrap Up

Oregano oil is an extremely useful thing if used wisely. It has so many benefits. Although being beneficial, oregano oil has some side effects too, at the same time. Although most of the side effects can be avoided by a moderate amount of oregano oil, you should still be careful and discreet. As always your discretion is advised and use oregano oil at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any damage caused if you run into any problems after following instructions given in this article.

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