Lifestyle diseases: How to avoid them

Lifestyle diseases are those diseases which occur due to a bad lifestyle. Many of us might be having a lifestyle due to various reasons such as hefty work and many other reasons. This also gives us some lifestyle diseases.

While lifestyle disease can be prevented by adopting a healthy, organic lifestyle, most of us have no idea how or where to get started.


Here are some tips which will help you to eat and live healthily and to avoid lifestyle diseases.

Exercise regularly

This is the first tip and most probably the tip which everyone knows. It is essential to exercise regularly.

If you exercise regularly, you can avoid all or most lifestyle diseases. By exercise, we don’t mean that you must go to the gym tomorrow and start lifting heavy weight.

You should start with something you are confortable such as walking or jogging. In the first day, you might get tired really fast and it is normal.

Slowly increase your time or distance gradually and set new goals. Consider buying a smart watch or a smart band to keep you updated about your distance covered and calories burned.

Control body weight

Control your weight and always be careful to maintain an optimum BMI ratio. If you’re underweight, start working towards gaining weight.of you’re overweight, start working towards losing your weight.

Regardless of what kind of person you are, you must consider making your weight within the limit.

Control sugar, salt

Control your intake of things such as sugar and salt. Excess of these things can cause so many problems such as diabetes and blood pressure.

If you’re the type of person who has an increased appetite for sugar, consider decreasing your intake of sugar.

You should also consider to reduce the intake of fat as it may cause unhealthy weight gain.

Avoid tobacco

This is the point which everyone talks you about, avoid tobacco. Use of tobacco causes a lot of diseases not only to you, but also to others. And in this modern age, smoking is no longer considered “cool”

Avoid alcohol

Just like tobacco, you must consider avoiding alcohol too, I can totally understand that you can not avoid alcohol in some events or circumstances, consider limiting the amount of alcohol you take.

Be a responsible drinker, i am sure that being a drunkard and getting wasted and being a clown in a party or public place isn’t your wife or girlfriend wanted!!

Limit TV

If you are a couch potato, well it is time to control your tv habits. It could keep you idle and lazy for hours.

Additionally you will consume a lot of calories while you eat snacks while watching tv. Both ain’t look good.

Find a hobbie or something you enjoy doing and consider investing time on it. It can be fishing , photography, DIY works or it can be anything you love to do.

Eat healthy

Eating health could help you stay healthy and avoid lifestyle diseases. Avoid your trips to McDonald’s or KFC and start eating something healthy.

Trust me, it is going to help you in so many ways.


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