How to control your anger

Last Updated on July 13, 2019 by Arootha

Ever thought that you can be triggered easily? Or think that I could’ve handled the situation in a better way? Well here are some tips which will help you to control your anger so that you can handle a situation in a better way.

No revenge/grudges

keeping grudges of revenge is a bad idea. It may deviate you from your main goal and fill you with negativity. The best way is to forgive and move on. Don’t let your anger ruin your life and deviate you from your life’s goals.

Life is too short to keep grudges right?

Learn Relaxation Skills

Learning some relaxation skills will help you to ease the situation. Keep practising some relaxation skills, it will help you to reduce your temper. And to ease a situation which could be worse.

Take some deep breaths.

In fact, this is one most effective thing which can be used to vent out your anger. When you take deep breaths, you can relax and let that anger go out.

Understand what makes you angry

Try to understand what makes you angry.  If you can identify the reason, try to avoid getting into that situation again.  With practice, you can predict it and avoid it successfully.

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