List of High calorie foods

If you are someone who is looking to gain some weight or a person who is struggling to meet daily calorie requirement, you need a high-calorie diet. And Supplying enough calories for your daily needs or trying to add the extra calories which are needed to gain weight, finding food with high amount of calories can be a hard task for many. The basic idea is to add more protein and carbohydrates to your diet. As they are the two main sources of calories.  To help you with that, here is our list of high-calorie food. Which contains a list of food with high amount of calories in them so that you can start using them right away.

List of high-calorie foods



Raisins contain a high amount of calorie in it. 1.5 ounce of raising contains 129 calories in it. If you are trying to supply some extra calories, you can consider adding raisins in your diet. You can even replace one meal with raisins in order to increase the supply of calories. Using raisins can also be useful for easy bowel movements which can be a bonus

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains a higher amount of Calorie. Thus, if you are looking to increase calorie intake through your diet, dark chocolate is something you should add to your food. Apart from being a high-calorie food, dark chocolate also has other properties such as boosting libido.


Dates are a very good source of calorie. Each date contains approximately 23 calories. Adding dates to your diet provides more calories every day. As a bonus, dates contain many extra nutrients such as iron and magnesium

Whole wheat bread and pasta

Whole wheat bread and pasta contain higher amounts of calories in it. So, next time when you buy bread or pasta. Make sure you buy whole wheat bread or pasta

Fish and meat


Fish and meat contain a very high amount of calories and protein. Adding both in your diet is helpful to add more calories. Fish contains omega 3 fatty acid and which will be useful for your heart’s wellness. But be aware, consuming too much of meat could increase bad cholesterol in your try to use white meat when possible and also add more fish in your diet.


Nuts are a good source of calories. 100g of nuts contain 576 calories in it. Thus, adding nuts in your diet will help you to increase your daily intake of calorie. You can also keep some nuts in your bag to eat whenever you get time.

Brown rice

Rice, especially brown rice is an excellent source of calorie. As we mentioned, brown rice contains more carbohydrates which contain more calories. You can consider adding rice to your meal plan in order to add more calories to your diet.


If you still can not meet the required amount of calories from your diet, using supplements are an alternate option. There are many mass gainers which are available in the market. You can consider buying a good reliable mass gainer. Mass gainers contain carbohydrates. Thus more amount of calories in it. As we said, be smart while purchasing one usually the cheaper ones cannot make any visible change and can even cause some adverse effect.

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