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We say necessity is the mother of invention. This is apparent that our needs are getting increased day by day as a result, technology is also growing on a fast-paced Mannar. Over the last two decades, we have seen tremendous changes in our lives and gadgets became an important part of our lives.

Google Home

Google home is a smart speaker which is powered by the famous google assistant. Google home is designed to make your life easier and it can do a lot of things.


It can do so many things such as connecting and broadcasting to other google home devices in your home. It can also control many smart devices such as Roomba. Not only Roomba, but there are also many smart devices from other companies too.

In fact, Google home is not just a device which can make hands free calls. It can do so many things and it is learning and evolving over time. There will be more features coming to Google home in nearby future.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is the smart speaker developed by Amazon and it works just like Google home(Or Google home works like Echo as it is older). It has Alexa, the voice assistant ready to help you with anything.

Echo generally responds to the name Alexa and Alexa can do so many things such as making calls, setting alarms, keeps you updated about weather and lot more.

There is a big list of things Alexa can do such as booking a ride on online taxi services such as uber. There are so many people who prefer Alexa and it got good reviews all over.

Mi band

Mi band is the smart band from Xiaomi and they released their latest Mi band 4 while writing this article. Mi band is known for its great features at an affordable price.

Mi band can track your steps taken, Calories burnt, your sleep time, it also has an activity tracker. Mi band 4 comes with a colour display which shows time, weather etc.

If connected to the phone, Mi band can show incoming calls and messages and more. 

Anker Soundcore 2

Anker Soundcore 2 is the Bluetooth speaker from Anker which is known for the loud, clear sound it produces. It has good build quality along with great battery backup which can last up to 24 hours. Along with these, it also has IPX7 certification.

Soundcore 2 is the best budget-friendly Bluetooth speaker you can get which can also be compared with other big brands.

Mi Smart LED bulb

Mi smart LEd bulb is in open sale now which works with both Google assistant and Alexa. It comes with endless colour options and a sunrise mode which will help you to wake up peacefully and fresh in the morning. 

There is also an app available which helps you to do so many things such as turning it on or off remotely or personalise the amount of light that is good for you. It needs the bulb to be connected to Wifi when connected, it works flawlessly.

Logitech Harmony

Logitech Harmony is a hub which can control so many devices including AV receivers, TV, gaming console etc. It can control AV receivers and many devices in a home theatre system this it is famous among home theatre enthusiasts too as they need to use only one remote controller at a time.

Harmony can control these devices with an app which is available for iOS and Android. This device is helpful to make your home smart and control all or most of your devices using your phone.

Laser infrared thermometer

A thermometer is an essential thing in a home. Especially if you have children, this is a must-have device.  Laser and infrared thermometers make it easier to measure temperature and to record it. You just need to keep in your home as it can be a handy tool.

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