Facebook shuts their artificial intelligence robot when they developed their own language for communication


Artificial intelligence is the future and many companies are investing more and more for the research and development in the AI field. Facebook is one of the companies which advanced so much in the field.

Now, the latest news coming from Facebook says that Facebook has to shut down their new AI program when two chat bots developed by Facebook developed their own language to communicate with each other. When Facebook found that two bots called Bob and Alice developed their own language to make their communication more effective and faster, Facebook shut down their artificial intelligence program and took their bots offline.

There are many people who think Artificial intelligence can be dangerous could make problems in future. People such as Elon Musk stated on twitter that Mark Zuckerberg’s knowledge about artificial intelligence is limited. While Mark being a promoter of artificial intelligence, he thinks that AI will make human life lot more easier. It also says that Google is ¬†planning to use AI to remove offensive content from Facebook

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