Cod Liver Oil Benefits

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Cod liver oil is extracted from livers of Cod fish. It is widely used as supplements due to the abundance of Omega 3 fatty acid and Vitamin A and Vitamin D


Prevents Heart Disease

As we mentioned already, An essential fatty acid called Omega 3 is present in Cod liver oil. Omega 3  helps to prevent heart diseases and keeps your heart healthy. As Omega 3 is present in cod liver oil in large amounts, it is helpful to prevent heart diseases and maintain your heart healthily

It boosts Immunity

Cod liver oil contains an abundance of Vitamin A and which is helpful to boost immunity of your body. Additionally, Vitamin A helps to maintain good eye and brain health.

Prevents inflammatory diseases

As we mentioned earlier, vitamin A presents in cod liver oil boosts immunity and reduced chances of inflammatory diseases.


It prevents Cancer

Cancer is a horrible disease. Vitamin  A present in Cod liver oil can help to keep cancer away from you.

Prevents Muscle and Bone pain

Frequent muscle and bone pain can be caused by a deficiency of vitamin D. Cod liver oil contain an abundance of Vitamin D thus it could help to prevent Bone and muscle pain.

Maintains good mental health

Omega 3 fatty acid is abundant in cod liver oil. Studies have shown that Omega 3 fatty acid is used to prevent and cure certain mental disorders.


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