Apple announced iPhone X

Today Apple announced their much awaited and much-rumoured smartphone – The Apple iPhone X. As we mentioned, rumours about the much-awaited smartphone from Apple were spreading all over the internet….

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iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus announced

Apple has announced iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus.Along with the much awaited iPhone x, they released both of these devices.  The two most awaited phones come with many surprises…

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Facebook shuts their artificial intelligence robot when they developed their own language for communication

Artificial intelligence is the future and many companies are investing more and more for the research and development in the AI field. Facebook is one of the companies which advanced…

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Samsung galaxy S8 and S8 plus released

Samsung released their most awaited smartphone. The S8 and the S8 plus. For Samsung, this release is too important for them especially when their previous flagship release Note 7 was…

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Why smartphone battery drain so fast

An overview about batteries You may be the one of many who faces the same problem every day, poor battery back up! Yes, it is still one of the major…

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