Benefits of Spirulina

Spirulina is a famous supplement which recently seen a rapid increase in demand as a result of more and more people using it. Spirulina is a superfood which comes with…

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Best anti-inflammatory foods

Our body has a fantastic immune system which fights against things which are foreign, which can be a bacterium, a virus or even a pollen. Our body fights against all…

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Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is getting popular among people nowadays. It seems like more and more people are nowadays realising benefits of green tea and consuming green tea on a daily basis….

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Tips to manage stress

We all encounter stress at some points in our lives. During work, Family issues, what to say, even silly online games can make us stressed (Not joking). While stress is…

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Oregano oil benefits

Most of us already heard about the oregano oil. But do we really know how beneficial is oregano oil? It is a natural medication with a variety of uses. Oregano…

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Top diabetic friendly fruits

Diabetic is a chronic disease and it causes many problems for many people. If left uncontrolled, diabetics can cause serious problems. But, fortunately, with lifestyle changes and controlling diet, we…

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Cod Liver Oil Benefits

Cod liver oil is extracted from livers of Cod fish. It is widely used as supplements due to the abundance of Omega 3 fatty acid and Vitamin A and Vitamin…

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Flax seed benefits

You may have heard of flax seed. But have not given much importance to it ?.  Well, it is time to change your thoughts and learn more about flax seed….

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Top food to boost your libido

Food can boost your libido considerably, Seriously, they can. We have collected details of some superfoods that can help to boost your libido   Spinach Spinach tops on our list….

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Top foods with high fiber content

Here is a list of food with high fibre. But you might ask why fibre is needed in diet? Well, the answer is it’s essential. Fiber is of two types….

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