Why should you drink more water everyday

Water is the elixir of life, the source of all living beings’ existence on our blue planet. It is essential for our survival and plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health and…

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Kidney Stone home remedies

Introduction Kidney stones, medically known as nephrolithiasis or renal calculi, are solid mineral deposits that form in the kidneys. These stones can vary in size, and when they travel through the urinary tract,…

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Food that’s good for your heart

Your heart is one of the most important organs in your body and you need to take care of your heart well. Nowadays people are more concerned about their health but most are…

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How to eat healthy

Eating healthy and clean might be the dream of most of us. Many of us wanted to do that for a long time but have no idea where to start. In this article,…

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Foods that are good for your eyes

Eyes are the most important and essential part of your body and it is always good to keep your eyes healthy for better vision. Here are some foods which are good for the…

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Food that boost testosterone naturally

Some men are blessed(Sometimes not) as they have an abundance of testosterone in their body that helps them to be manly and also helps them in other ways. Some people have low levels…

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Benefits of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of most famous type of vinegar. It is made by fermenting sugar which is present in apple. Sugars are converted into alcohol by fermentation and acetobactor bacteria the…

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How to naturally lose weight

Many of would like to lose some weight and would love to have a healthy lifestyle and better appearance. While eating good and regular exercise can help us to control and maintain good…

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Weight loss tips to lose weight faster

Many of would like to lose some weight and would love to have a healthy lifestyle and better appearance. While eating good and regular exercise can help us to control and keep up…

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Benefits of Spirulina

Spirulina is a famous supplement which recently seen a rapid increase in demand as a result of more and more people using it. Spirulina is a superfood which comes with many benefits. Spirulina…

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Best anti-inflammatory foods

Our body has a fantastic immune system which fights against things which are foreign, which can be a bacterium, a virus or even a pollen. Our body fights against all these foreign things…

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Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is getting popular among people nowadays. It seems like more and more people are nowadays realising benefits of green tea and consuming green tea on a daily basis. What makes green…

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Oregano oil benefits

Most of us already heard about the oregano oil. But do we really know how beneficial is oregano oil? It is a natural medication with a variety of uses. Oregano oil is extracted…

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Top diabetic friendly fruits

Diabetic is a chronic disease and it causes many problems for many people. If left uncontrolled, diabetics can cause serious problems. But, fortunately, with lifestyle changes and controlling diet, we can control blood…

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Cod Liver Oil Benefits

Cod liver oil is a popular dietary supplement that has been consumed for centuries due to its numerous potential health benefits. Derived from the livers of codfish, this oil is rich in essential…

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