Best anti-inflammatory foods

Our body has a fantastic immune system which fights against things which are foreign, which can be a bacterium, a virus or even a pollen. Our body fights against all these foreign things…

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Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is getting popular among people nowadays. It seems like more and more people are nowadays realising benefits of green tea and consuming green tea on a daily basis. What makes green…

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Tips to manage stress

We all encounter stress at some points in our lives. During work, Family issues, what to say, even silly online games can make us stressed (Not joking). While stress is common how many…

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Apple announced iPhone X

Today Apple announced their much awaited and much-rumoured smartphone – The Apple iPhone X. As we mentioned, rumours about the much-awaited smartphone from Apple were spreading all over the internet. What makes the…

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iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus announced

Apple has announced iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus.Along with the much awaited iPhone x, they released both of these devices.  The two most awaited phones come with many surprises and let us…

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Oregano oil benefits

Most of us already heard about the oregano oil. But do we really know how beneficial is oregano oil? It is a natural medication with a variety of uses. Oregano oil is extracted…

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Top diabetic friendly fruits

Diabetic is a chronic disease and it causes many problems for many people. If left uncontrolled, diabetics can cause serious problems. But, fortunately, with lifestyle changes and controlling diet, we can control blood…

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Cod Liver Oil Benefits

Cod liver oil is a popular dietary supplement that has been consumed for centuries due to its numerous potential health benefits. Derived from the livers of codfish, this oil is rich in essential…

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Samsung galaxy S8 and S8 plus released

Samsung released their most awaited smartphone. The S8 and the S8 plus. For Samsung, this release is too important for them especially when their previous flagship release Note 7 was a failure due…

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Must see places in your life

Traveling is always fun for most and if you are a person who loves traveling the most, it is more like a way of life. Imagine suddenly you got an urge to travel…

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List of High calorie foods

If you are someone who is looking to gain some weight or a person who is struggling to meet daily calorie requirement, you need a high-calorie diet. And Supplying enough calories for your…

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Top protein rich food

Whether you are someone who is trying to gain some weight or a bodybuilder who is trying to supply a few extra grams of protein, you should take food with high protein content….

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Flax seed benefits

You may have heard of flax seed. But have not given much importance to it ?.  Well, it is time to change your thoughts and learn more about flax seed. It is a…

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Why smartphone battery drain so fast

An overview about batteries You may be the one of many who faces the same problem every day, poor battery back up! Yes, it is still one of the major problems of many,…

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Top foods with high fiber content

Here is a list of food with high fibre. But you might ask why fibre is needed in diet? Well, the answer is it’s essential. Fiber is of two types. Soluble and insoluble….

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