Apple announced iPhone X

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Today Apple announced their much awaited and much-rumoured smartphone – The Apple iPhone X. As we mentioned, rumours about the much-awaited smartphone from Apple were spreading all over the internet. What makes the iPhone special? let’s find it out


The phone comes with a super wide display which covers the entire screen. Size of display is 5.8 inch and as always, it’s a retina display. The new technology aesthetically follows the curve and makes the phone looks elegantly rounded at the corners.The OLED display offers high brightness and 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio.


The phone comes with no fingerprint sensor. It solely relies on face detection and it can accurately detect face and identify owner within no time. Face recognition can be used to unlock the device, authenticate and for payments including apple pay. The camera creates a 30,000 invisible dots to create a map of your face for authentication so need to worry about security and no its, not like the usual face detection we seen on other phones.

The phone comes with dual cameras on the rear side and 12MP resolution. It also has a telephoto lens with dual optical image stabilization (OIS). The depth sensing camera offers better depth of field for selfies and offers a nicely blurred background and studio quality images.

iPhone X comes with the most powerful ever chipset on a mobile device- A11 bionic which is capable of up to 600 billion operations a second with the help of a neural engine. The CPU is 70 percent faster and power efficient and will give few more hours of running time before needing a charge when compared with the older versions of iPhones. When graphics are considered, its 30% faster than the pervious version.

Wireless charging is also supported which allows anyone to charge their device wirelessly anywhere. A new wireless charging station called Apple Airpower is also announced but it will be available 2018 only. There are some other

The phone also comes with some other features such as latest version of iOS and improved Siri. New gestures are also added in the iPhone x. With the big and wide screen, the device is also made with augmented reality in mind.

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